Description and Application

PENZSAUR self loaders can be divided into the 5.53W crane versions and those with 7.60W cranes. These machines are synonymous with power, efficiency and agility. They have stanchions and positionable tandems, specific couplings for each model of tractor, armoured stabilizers that prevent logs from colliding with and rubbing on hoses, valves, cylinders and hydraulic control via a joystick.




  • Crane; 7.60 W; 
  • Capacity: 12.000 kg; 
  • Usable Length: 6m; 
  • Load Volume: de 18,9 m(st); 
  • Total Length: de 8,4m; 
  • Approximate weight: 4.950 kg; 
  • Stabilizers: Yes


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