Description and Application

Forest cranes with 3 metric tonne capacity weigh the least and are apropriate for handling wood of metre size. With excelent performance and great productivity, the 3 tonne cranes can be afixed to tractors from 75HP, trucks or can be stationary. For made to measure equipment or for specific applications please contact our commercial support to verify availability.




  • Usage: truck, tractor and stationary;
  • Loading Moment: 36,4 kNm;
  • arm length:5m;
  • Angular Moment - Torque: 6,25 kNm;
  • Rotation Angle: 380°;
  • Nett Weight: de 600Kg;
  • Operational Pressure: 190 bar
  • Hydraulic Flow: 2x48 l/min;
  • Arm length of 5m.


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