Description and Application

In partnership with Austrian company Maxwald, the Penzatur company commercialises, in Brazil, the mini-tower which is an innovative solution for the transfer of wood in sloping locations, thereby reducing the cost and minimising the risk of accidents. On top of that, it reduces the damage to the soil, caused by conventional operations.


Activation: through the TDP of the tractor, with easy coupling to the third point, without it being necessary to have the tractor dedicated exclusively to this operation.
• Minimum work distance: 300m depending on the length of the drag cable, and the complexity of the terrain.
• Distance on each side: 30m.
• Load Capacity: 1000 kg.
• Setup Time: Depends on the skill of the installer, but normally two people install the equipment in approximately 2 hours.
• Cart Speed: Depends on the TDP speed of the tractor, but, in general, speeds vary around 0.5 to 1m/s, for power takings of of 540 rpm, and 0.9 to 1.85 m/s for 1000 rpm.
• Minimum power of tractor: 75 CV



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